Our integrated HD care pathway provides unique environments for unique needs

Our HD units are bright, spacious and offer accessible accomodation with fit-for-purpose furniture and equipment.

At St Andrew's we have created safe, comfortable, structured but flexible units for our HD patients, providing a homely environment which optimises independence, quality of life, respect and choice.

We are also able to admit patients to secure facilities where appropriate.

Rose Ward: a 17-bed medium secure male unit within the Neuropsychiatry pathway.

Tallis Ward: a 14-bed admission ward within the Neuropsychiatry pathway, for highly challenging patients requiring stabilisation and assessment.

Allitsen High Dependency HD Ward: a 5-bed locked admission unit for males with challenging and complex behavioural and physical healthcare needs.

Walton HD Ward: a 14-bed male assessment unit designed to support on-going therapy and active care, to help patients maintain and preserve function, including a quiet room for de-escalation.

Allitsen HD Ward: a 9-bed ward focusing on Neuro-palliation for males with deteriorating cognitive, behavioural and physical health, to optimise quality of life.

Harper HD Ward: an 11-bed ward focusing on Neuro-palliation for females with deteriorating cognitive, behavioural and physical health, to optimise quality of life.

"Stuart loves classical music so when he is distressed and anxious it helps him to listen to music on the juke box in the calm surroundings of the conservatory"

Sarah, Occupational Therapist

Our services at a glance

We provide tailored pathways focusing on three core treatment components; neuropsychiatry, cognitive deficits and physical / motor deficits, including:

  • in-patient service for adults aged 18+ at any stage of HD
  • adapted environments and specialist equipment
  • admission for full and comprehensive time-limited assessments
  • highly specialised HD professionals form ward-based MDTs
  • specialist input including Dieticians, GP and podiatry
  • ability to manage complex and challenging behaviour
  • HD active care wards designed to maximise functional ability
  • gender specific neuro-palliation wards
  • therapies and activites to enhance patient quality of life
  • secure services for forensic admissions
  • dedicated social workers to support placement transitions
  • Harper HD unit voted 'Ward of the Year' 2014/15

*St Andrew's Healthcare awards